Module #7

A basic wardrobe module. Ideal for hanging up shirts, blouses, sweaters and t-shirts. Pair it with modules 3, 4, 5 or others and create your own walk-in.
Handbags will find their place on the top shelf and you can keep folded clothes on the bottom shelf. There are over 30 levels of adjustment are available for shelving. Made of sturdy steel coated with thermoset paint. This module is designed for clothes on hangers. Hang your hangers on the front fold of the shelf. Order additional components (side supports/brackets and shelves) and expand your Wally according to your personal needs. Shape it over time, as your needs change. It is practical and elegant, and can be installed both inside and outside the closet.

Size: Width 24'' x depth 13 1/8'' x height 77 3/4'' (width 61 cm x depth 33.4 cm x height 197.5 cm)
Wally's weight: 7.6 kg
Quantity in the box: 1 module
Materials: Thermoset paint coated steel
Items included in the box: side support/brackets and hardware, 2 regular shelves
Possible applications: Hanging clothes for drying, storing an ironing board and its accessories, sportswear or hockey equipment storage, etc.
Maximum load: 10 kg per shelf, maximum 60 kg per module or 22 lbs. per shelf, maximum 132 lbs. per module


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