Warranty and Maintenance

Recommendations for maintenance and use of Permafil products
This maintenance advice applies to all Permafil products coated with electrostatic powder paint (including wire shelving, lockers and metal mesh partitions, bicycle racks, Wally storage systems, storage accessories, Permaforce emergency services products, and commercial displays).
Permafil products are carefully manufactured to serve you well for many years, so here are some recommendations to help you maximize durability and maintain the original appearance as much as possible.
  • If necessary, clean with a damp cloth using a mild soap in moderate quantities and wipe well with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners so as not to alter the original finish. Avoid making direct contact with the products using a heat source.
  • If an authorized Permafil installer did not perform the installation, ensure that the products are properly installed. Avoid overloading shelves and storage accessories.
  • Never modify the product as its structure and resistance may be reduced.
Permafil products are protected by a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials, workmanship and a one-year limited installation warranty when installed by Permafil installers. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of the products or on the date of installation when installed by Permafil. The warranty is applicable in the context of normal use of the product according to Permafil specifications.
Misuse of the product and/or modification of its installation (if installed by Permafil) will render this warranty void. In the case of lockers and wire mesh partitions, the current warranty does not apply when dismantled, moved, modified or used in a way that does not meet specifications. Permafil products should not be used outdoors or in environmental conditions other than the normal temperature and humidity found in a domestic home. Permafil can only be held responsible for any damage or defect of the product if the customer/user maintains the product properly to protect it from corrosion.
Permafil Inc.’s liability under this warranty is subject to installation of the product by an authorized installer, normal use of the product by the customer, and the customer’s compliance with the product’s weight capacity for which it was designed.
Despite all the provisions set out in this warranty, Permafil must in no case be held responsible for paying indirect, special, incidental, punitive, exemplary or similar damages based on any claim arising from or in connection with this warranty.